Jant Pharmacal Introduces Custom Panel Product Line for Real-Time PCR Testing

Custom Panels for RT-PCR

Jant Pharmacal is launching a brand new line of Custom Panels for RT-PCR. Since 1986, Jant has served lab and Point-of-Care sectors in the medical industry.

ENCINO, CA, UNITED STATES, June 9, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Jant Pharmacal, a supplier of rapid testing kits, laboratory analyzers, and reagents since 1986, is excited to announce the launch of its new product line of custom panels for real-time PCR testing. These innovative custom pre-plated RT-PCR panels are designed to streamline and enhance molecular testing processes.

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Real-time PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) is a powerful diagnostic technique used for the detection and quantification of specific genetic material.

This technique has revolutionized molecular testing, enabling accurate and efficient detection and analysis of genetic material in various biological samples.

Real-time PCR has a wide range of applications in fields, including clinical diagnostics, infectious disease testing, genetic analysis, gene expression analysis, and pathogen detection.

With the introduction of the custom pre-plated RT-PCR panels, Jant Pharmacal aims to address the evolving needs of the molecular testing community. The panels are carefully curated and customized to include a selection of target genes or pathogens of interest, providing researchers and clinicians with a convenient and reliable tool for their specific testing requirements.

These custom panels are compatible with a range of real-time PCR instruments, ensuring seamless integration into existing laboratory workflows.

Jant Pharmacal’s commitment to quality and accuracy is reflected in the rigorous validation and quality control processes applied to each panel, guaranteeing consistent and precise results.

The launch of this custom panel product line represents a significant milestone for Jant Pharmacal.

“We are now able to offer researchers and clinicians the flexibility to design and utilize panels that align with their specific molecular testing needs,” stated Jack L. Tawfik, Managing Director, V.P. at Jant Pharmacal.

In addition to the custom pre-plated RT-PCR panels, Jant Pharmacal is a leading provider of laboratory analyzers, reagents, and molecular testing solutions. With a focus on quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, Jant Pharmacal strives to deliver innovative products that meet the evolving needs of the scientific and healthcare communities.

Through its comprehensive range of offerings, Jant Pharmacal aims to contribute to advancements in diagnostics, research, and patient care. The company remains committed to supporting the scientific and healthcare communities by delivering innovative products and exceptional customer service.

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